Keratin Treatments in Brooklyn. Green Planet Beauty salon

How is the procedure going?

First of all, the master washes his head to open the hair scales — so, they will better absorb the composition. There is no need for excess dirt on the hair during the procedure, so the hair is dried, as a rule, without a comb or even without hands. Green Planet Beauty salon — the best!

The keratin composition is applied in a row so that each hair is fairly saturated. In no case should the hair be wrung or pinned, it should be left falling over the shoulders.

On each type of hair, the composition is maintained for an individual amount of time, but, in general, it takes about 20-30 minutes.

Then wet from the hair composition with a dry hair dryer. Next — soldering with an iron, again along the strands. The procedure requires maximum care!

Do not forget that the composition should not come into contact with the skin in order to avoid allergic reactions and other troubles. We apply the composition, retreating from the roots 1 cm.

— What are the disadvantages of keratin recovery?
After the procedure, you cannot wash your hair for a day, and you can also use hairpins and elastic bands — creases may remain.

It’s better to sleep like Disney princesses, with your hair flat on the pillow, does not move and it is advisable not to breathe 🙂

— Does keratin really heal hair?
Keratin is a natural constituent of hair. Those who say keratin spoils hair have never tried it. If you have in mind a good master (with evenly growing hands) who knows the technology for performing the procedure, uses a high-quality composition of keratin and, importantly, uses a special iron, then this will really work as a treatment.

I focus on the ironing, because it is with it that the hair is sealed and there is a risk of simply burning them during the procedure. Do not get fooled by irons wrapped in foil or parchment — this is not protection, but a circus.

— Why do some people consider this procedure harmful?
I once came across the fact that a technologist of one well-known brand of hair cosmetics said that she has many clients who come to treat their hair after keratin. Because of this, she formed the opinion that there is no benefit from keratin, and we only in vain oversaturate our hair with it. In fact, this is not the case.

Firstly, the hair takes just as much as it needs and not an ounce more. And secondly, in order to remove excess keratin and solder the hair, a hairdryer and an iron are used — the excess simply evaporates. Hence, by the way, the unpleasant smell during the procedure.

— Does this mean that girls with very porous hair should not suffer with oils and masks, but it is easier to immediately do keratin recovery?
In fact, yes. It will be quick and easy, but expensive. Is this the only way out? Of course not, but one of the fastest, albeit unstable — keratin is washed out over time.

That is why after this procedure, gentle care is required — sulfate-free shampoos and supportive masks. Another good procedure is that there is an accumulation effect, and if you take a course (that is, instead of one procedure, do at least 2-3 more) and then take care of your hair, this will be more than enough.

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