How to open locked doors without a key?

Sometimes it happens that you close the car door, and at the moment when the latch is triggered with horror, you realize that the keys are left in the ignition or the battery is simply dead, and the mechanical locks are broken or frozen. In general, the situation that the doors are closed and the keys remain inside the car is not uncommon. What to do in this case? You can turn to specialists in opening cars, paying 1500-3000 rubles, depending on the brand of your car and location, and wait for them for about an hour. After all, you can’t leave a running car to the mercy of fate.

There are many ways to open on your own without special tools. Consider the main ones that will help motorists in most cases:

The first way to open with a hook, you must have seen how in American films car thieves open cars with a ruler. We will use a wire hook for this purpose, which is easy to make yourself. Find a piece of wire 50-70 cm long and bend the hook at an angle of about 45 degrees. The length of the bent part should be approximately 7-10 cm. The wire should not be too soft so as not to straighten out immediately when a door pull is needed and not too thick to crawl through the gap between the glass and the seal.

Opening: We put a wire with a hook between the window seal and glass from the side of the door where the door handle is located and try to hook the door rod on which the button is located. Having visually felt the rod, we pull the wire up and raise the rod — the door is open. In some cases, it is necessary to bend the window seal. This method is suitable for all domestic cars and even for the first time it takes no more than 15 minutes for a person with no experience.

The second way to open a car without a hook is with a rope loop. Suitable for cars that have an internal button for closing the doors at least slightly protruding upwards. In the most detailed way you can see this method of opening without keys in the video. In some cases, it is necessary to slightly bend the corner of the car door with the help of improvised tools. Be sure to place a soft cloth under the tools to avoid scratching the car’s paintwork.

In some cases, it is noted that first it turns out to put the rope in, and then make a loop. Perhaps it will be easier for you to use not a rope, but a fishing line. Indeed, the gap at the door is narrow and the fishing line can slip through where the rope cannot go through.

The third way to open a car door without keys is based on the use of wire. It is necessary to find a wire measuring 1.5 -2 m long and bend it so that at the end there is a small hook with which you can hook the door handle. In most imported cars, the security system is designed in such a way that when the door is locked, first pressing the door handle from the inside causes unlocking, and the second is opening. This is what we will use. We push the wire through the upper corner of the door and, making the necessary changes (bending at a certain) angle, we try to reach the hook at the end to the door handle. Having hooked the door handle, we pull the wire towards ourselves and thus open the car door. If the wire does not fit between the door and the seal, use an improvised tool to slightly bend the door, while not forgetting to place a cloth under the screwdriver or pry bar so as not to damage the paint. Slightly bending the corner of the door will not do any harm to the car, the only thing to worry about is not to damage the paint.

Another way is to use a wooden wedge to bend the top edge of the door. To do this, you need a wooden wedge 4 centimeters at the base and 20 centimeters long and a meter bar with a pointed hook at the end. The wedge is carefully driven in between the rack and the upper-rear corner of the door, a gap of 2-3 centimeters is obtained. A bar is inserted into it and the door lock is turned with a hook. You need to drive the wedge very carefully, just tapping with your fist.

The following method of opening a car without keys is not so common among car thieves, since it is very ‘loud’. You will need electricity and a drill handy. The secret of the castle, the larva, is simply drilled out. But this method will require the replacement of all the larvae, if you do not want to have different keys for each door later. You can also open the car doors with the help of a blank similar to the shape of a key. It is enough to thrust it into the lock cylinder with a strong movement and scroll. With enough force, you will open this way without a key.

If the car’s battery is dead and it is not possible to open the car using the central lock on the alarm, and the mechanical locks do not work or are frozen, then there are also several options. The first option is to get to the hood latch cable. Usually it goes from the hood lock to the left fender and further into the car interior. The simplest thing is to pick it up with a wire near the left headlight or radiator and pull it sharply. The second option is to supply additional electricity from another battery. To do this, you need to put the battery next to the car, take the cigarette lighter wires, put one on the minus of the battery and on the car ground, with the second connected to the ‘plus’ of the battery, climb under the car and connect it to the plus of the starter.
The second person at that moment opens the car with a key fob / key, which is what they usually open it with …

Well, and of course, the last way to get into a car, which is suitable for those who are out of town or in an emergency, is to break the glass. But remember that you still need to get to your destination later, it’s good if it’s summer, but if it’s bad weather, rain, wind and frost. So it’s best to break the rear right glass. Just do not try to break the glass with your hand or fist, you will need a hammer, a metal pipe or a good sharp stone for this.

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