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Among the Tik Tok audience, the explosive growth in popularity depends on many factors. The social network is popular due to the ease of attracting a new audience, the simplicity of shooting the videos themselves. And everyone wants to be among the recommended materials. Several hundred people will see the video anyway, even if there is no work with tags. But if you want to get tiktok views, then you need to pay attention to every nuance of promotion, if you really want to achieve results. After some time, the opportunity to earn money will open. Features of getting views in Tik Tok.

Before you spin a Tick Tok from scratch, the user should know about a few tricks:

  • the social network is actively promoting new accounts;
  • duets often get to the TOP, even if they are shot on a minor topic;
  • you can use tags that are not related to the topic of the clip;
  • records where you can see a person and there is a change of frames-quickly get into the popular.

The account owner needs to choose the topics that they will develop in the clips. Take into account current trends, pay attention to the section: «Popular» and hashtags.

Ways to get Tik Tok views.

Shoot with trending music. First, videos with trending music often fly into the recommendations, and second, if the track is cool, users click on its name to see what other videos were shot to this music. In search of ideas for inspiration, they can find your video, so it is better to immediately make a video for new tracks.

Enjoy the effects. The effects can brighten up even the most depressing video. The most trending effects of August — windblown, more smiles, square face, funny masks, whirlpool.
Come up with your own chips

There are 2 main ways to stand out from the crowd:

  1. Create your own unique token that will set you apart from other ticktockers.
  2. Take trending music, effects, and challenges and add your own flavor to them.

To order advertising. If you have far-reaching plans for TT, order ads from other ticktockers to get additional views and subscribers. If there is no budget or the goal does not involve extra expenses — you can periodically shoot duets, reactions and, of course, challenges. Although the reactions fly into the recommended less and less often.

If you are very important to a large audience and attention to creativity, the increase in the number of subscribers is a fundamentally important point. If you pay for the cheat service in a proven service, you will get real live users as subscribers. The profile is found by video recommendations, search results, by name, target audience, or link.

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